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Spruce up your Patio with These 4 Additions

We couldn't be more excited about the summer, and it's the best time to be outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Your backyard is your personal retreat to hang with friends, relax with your favorite book, or move dinner outdoors. Your patio may still be a blank canvas yet to be painted with your own layers of comfort, color, and style. Now is the time to spruce up your patio with these 4 additions.

Building an Outdoor Kitchenette

Change up the scenery and take dinner outside. Here is an opportunity to be creative and build your versatile grilling station, which is convenient for family dinners and entertaining. It's common for a summer kitchen to have a large work surface such as a table or countertop for preparing meals, so you don't have to keep going inside your house. Your kitchenette is not only a place to cook and prepare dishes but also a place to store food with built-in cabinets. Depending on the size of your patio, add a table close by to enjoy your meals.

Built-in Fire Pit

Add a fire pit to your yard if you want to lengthen your outdoor season into the chillier autumn months. You can add a stone fireplace build right into your patio. The warm glow of a fire pit encourages you to take advantage of your outdoor lounge space year-round. There's nothing quite as cozy as sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows under the moon's light. Children must always be supervised for fire pit safety, place a watering hose and fire extinguisher nearby, and have easy accessibility.

Decorate Your Patio

Pick a theme that will be reflected throughout your outdoor space, like the countryside, Adirondack, French, or Aztec. Add lighting like string lights and candles and furniture of different materials such as teak, wood, iron, or wicker that will be weatherproof for outdoor conditions. Seating comfort is the key to enjoying hours outdoors. Add a pop of color with pillows, throw blankets, and umbrellas. Today's outdoor pillows and cushions come in all shapes and sizes, even with extra support and comfort. 

Flower and Fauna Gardens

Patio gardens are not just for potted plants. So, whether you dream of country meadows, a modern, tropical vibe, or just fancy having a low-maintenance herb garden, there is something for everyone. If you want to turn heads, plant small trees in your space? Some of the best flowering trees, such as magnolia or ornamental cherry, make beautiful additions, boasting stunning florals when the weather begins to warm. When it comes to patio gardening ideas, it's essential to make the most of your space. Hanging baskets with all different flowers is a great idea. Even a climbing rose garden on your fence and design your very own succulent plant garden to grow outside. 

Inspiring Ideas for your Outdoor Patio

Designing your patio can be overwhelming. Don't know where to begin? Look no further than Four Seasons Sunrooms to learn more about upgrading your patio. You can find plenty of outdoor patio ideas on Pinterest boards and sketches from our design team. Best of all, you can have and do it all at a price that is way less than you could have imagined and with a warranty that cannot be matched. We have been designing patios, decks, and sunrooms for nearly half a century. For more information about our window installation options, contact us at 888-270-3546 or chat with us anytime on our 24/7 live help desk. 


Here at Four Seasons, we believe that every homeowner should have all the information before deciding on how to proceed with their home remodeling project. That's why we offer FREE in-home design consultations where you get an upfront estimate with all costs included. Sometimes, you just want that extra spark of inspiration... We've got you covered with our free catalog if that's you.

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