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How to Create an Outdoor Room that Feels like an Extension of your Home

Building the perfect outdoor room can take time and a lot of hard work, but the results may increase the value of your home and bring you hours of outdoor enjoyment with friends and family. Your outdoor room can have many functions.  Four Seasons  offers design techniques and advice on creating your perfect outdoor space that feels like an extension of your home to enjoy day and night.  Creating your Space  What is the primary function of the room? For example, will it be a quiet reading room or a family gathering room with a TV?  Do you want wood floors, rugs, or carpets? What type of flooring compliments the function of the room? Add a ceiling or glass sunroof, walls, furniture, and lighting that coincide with your home's architectural style, interior design, ambiance, and color scheme.  Will you need to install heaters, air condition, or fans? Consider the maximum number of guests you're likely to entertain. This can be friends, family, and even children. Then think about ho