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Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space with These Heating Options

With winter rapidly approaching, prepare yourself for the cold weather with these cozy outdoor living spaces with heating options. Don’t let the cold chase you inside before you’re ready. These ideas will provide a warm temperature boost and help create a focal point, upgrade your decor, and serve as a place to gather, entertain, relax, and enjoy time outdoors with friends and family. Transfer your outdoor space into a proper outdoor living room.

Heat Lamps

On average, a single unit can heat up an area of 25 square feet, don’t take up much room, and are usually fueled by propane, but also can use gas, electricity, and even wood-burning. Heat lamps can be floor-standing, hanging, wall-mounted, or sit nicely on a tabletop. Does not give off sparks, though it is hot to the touch.

Fire Pit and Fire Logs 

A fire pit can be built into the ground or part of your patio. You can customize features, such as the color and shape of the pavers and the size and shape of the fire pit. Use a self-contained fire log for safety by lighting a fire starter and dropping it inside a pre-drilled hole in the log itself. Simply remove the paper, light included start stick, drop in the pre-drilled hole, and enjoy for an hour and a half.

Portable Fireplaces 

Low-cost portable fireplaces have become a popular option, allowing you to move the fireplace to different locations. It is traditionally designed to be situated low to the ground, making them an ideal feature to center seating around. Available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, great for keeping warm and even roasting marshmallows. Make sure to situate your fireplace in a safe location- keep in mind that they should be completely free and clear of all low-hanging branches, bushes or shrubbery, or any other elements that might be flammable, like dry grass. 

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

If you prefer a custom-built outdoor fireplace, you have more options to design and create exactly what you are looking for. Materials for outdoor fireplaces can range from brick to stone to concrete or metal, and you can choose to fuel it with either gas or wood. Unlike fire pits, outdoor fireplaces are constructed with a flue to direct smoke up the chimney rather than out into the seating area or yard. 

Keep Your Floors Warm

Have a drafty deck or patio? Cover it in plush rugs or heated floors to keep your feet warm no matter how much the temperature drops. Systems can be installed to warm up your patio or deck and have capabilities to melt snow or keep surfaces from getting icy. 

Stay Warm During the Cold Season With Four Seasons

As winter approaches, now is the time to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space and still stay warm with these ideas from Four Seasons. We give you an array of heating options that will accommodate your personal style, creating a warm space for many good times to come. Not only do we offer you the most extensive and complete product range in every architectural style, but we also offer you the largest choice in structural materials. For more ideas on how to keep your outdoor space nice and cozy, and bright, please contact us at 888-270-3546 or chat with us anytime on our 24/7 live help desk. 


Here at Four Seasons, we believe that every homeowner should have all the information before proceeding with their home remodeling project. That’s why we offer FREE in-home design consultations where you get an upfront estimate with all costs included. Sometimes, you just want that extra spark of inspiration... If that’s you, we’ve got you covered with our free catalog. 

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