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Four Seasons Windows For Your Home

Windows play a significant role in your home appearance as well as protection. Winter is now in full force; to keep the cold out of your home, it's essential to make sure you have windows that hold the heat in and keep the cold out. Different windows are more suited for winter, which is key to increasing energy savings and preventing heat loss. Windows have two main parts: the window glass itself and the frame. Both of these are important to consider when looking for windows for cold weather climates.   Window Frames:  The window frame is often where the most heat escapes, so it's essential to ensure that it is in good condition and made of the right material. The best frames for cold zones are anything but aluminum.  Wood and Wood-clad frames Vinyl frames Fiberglass frames Composite frames Window Glass:  Avoid single-pane windows when it comes to the window itself. Instead, choose double-pane or triple-pane glass windows made from low-E glass that is coated to prevent the tran

Color trends of 2022 for Decorating Your Sunroom

The time is here: you are finally giving your sunroom or addition the much-needed upgrade it deserves. Selecting internal wall colors has become quite important as it can really contribute to increasing the home's overall value. These are the colors you will see everywhere in 2022.    Nature Inspiration Bringing the outside inside has always been the idea of a sunroom. Still, now you can build a picturesque room that resembles an outdoor nature setting. Wood furniture, especially wood tables, is in season this year. Add some plants as decor. With a pallet of different shades of green, earthy hues, and soft browns, you can turn your sunroom into a real-life forest indoors. Our favorite:  Sherwin Williams - Evergreen Fog Benjamin Moore - Gloucester Sage   Natural Colors   These colors give you a sense of calm and quiet and can be pretty relaxing. Light beige, ivory, and grey are great for the walls, and neutral hues go well with wicker, bamboo, and iron furniture. Natural light will