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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Deck

  Are you trying to make the most of your deck during the warmer months? If so, you may want to fill your outdoor space with furniture that transforms it into the ultimate spot for relaxing and entertaining. Our quick guide will walk you through buying outdoor furniture you'll love! What To Consider When Buying New Deck Furniture There are four key factors you need to think through first before buying your new set of furniture: Your Deck’s Purpose Your deck's primary purpose will play a massive role in what type of furniture you buy. Will it be a quiet spot just for you to relax with a good book? Or have you always dreamed of a rustic alfresco dining area for Sunday dinner? Take some time to envision how your perfect deck functions. Once you decide, it'll help you narrow your choices and choose pieces that'll fit your vision. The Space You Have The size and layout of your deck are another crucial part of picking the right furniture. Start by measuring the sq

Should You Put a Ceiling Fan in Your Sunroom?

  There’s nothing like soaking up the natural light and enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your sunroom. But as soon as the temperatures climb, your space can become too hot for comfort. Adding a ceiling fan to your sunroom could be a cost-effective solution to keep things cool. Let’s explore the potential benefits of installing one in detail! Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan in Your Sunroom There are some really nice perks that a ceiling fan could provide your sunroom, including: Better Air Circulation A ceiling fan’s main job is to maximize airflow. The rotating blades circulate air around the room so it doesn’t become stuffy and stagnant. Also, thanks to the circulation, a fan will mix temperature layers and ensure there aren’t spots that are way too hot or cold. This will make your space feel much more comfortable throughout the warmer months. Temperature Control By keeping the air flowing on those sweltering days, the light breeze from your ceiling fan allow