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Decorating Your Outdoor Space for July 4th Celebrations

Summer is here, and the Fourth of July holiday is just next week! American flags are flying, people are wearing their stars and stripes, and getting excited about the colorful fireworks show. This is a time for family and friends to celebrate our independence by gathering on the patio, grilling our favorite foods, and adorning everything in red, white, and blue. Here are 4 easy star-spangled ideas for decorating your outdoor space for the July 4th celebrations. TargetMichaels Stores, and other craft stores have all the materials you need.


Dress up your Patio and Porch with a Patriotic Theme

Hanging American flags for Independence Day decorations is a great way to set the tone. Red, white, and blue balloons and banners spruce up your outdoors by adding fun and color. Display your creativity with a trail of balloons on your fence, porch, and railings. This 66-piece Fourth of July decorations set from is stocked with more than enough party decor supplies, from red, white, and blue pom-poms to balloons and banners. And for less than $20, it's a steal.



Decorate your Outdoor Furniture and Dining Area

Drape colorful curtains over your pergola. Add patriot pillows to your outdoor furniture. You can find flag pillows at a variety of stores. Provide shade with red, white, and blue umbrellas to go with the color scheme. Glam up your party's drink area with a red, white, and blue garland over your outdoor bar setting and display your patriotic cocktails. Use Red, white, and Blue plastic cups and beer holders, and add little umbrellas to your favorite cocktails. You can find inflatable "Patriotic" ice bucket coolers at Table decoration is an important part of a 4th of July outdoor decoration. Decorate your table with patriotic tablecloths, table runners, and tableware. Bring the American spirit to your table using red, white, and blue plates, glasses, bowls, and a patriotic centerpiece.


Red, White, and Blue Decor

The best way to get someone's attention with decorations is through signage, and Etsy has a myriad of options to choose from, including flags, pictures, and yard signs. Make your own paper lanterns. All it takes is a little folding, cutting, and taping; these can fly all weekend on your porch or pergola. Do it yourself July 4th candles. Add red, white, and blue sand to mason jars with a colored tea candle on the top, and add some light during the evening and night. Also, American Flag lanterns and star string lights are available at You can make a wreath in 20 minutes for about $6. It's made out of a wreath from the Dollar Tree, 2 red handkerchiefs, 2 white handkerchiefs, 1 blue handkerchief, and a strip of burlap. Cut the handkerchiefs into strips and then just tie them on. Or you can buy one Party City


Plant Red, White, and Blue Flowers and Flower Pots

Plant a red, white, and blue flower garden with help from Loews

Red flowers - salvia, geranium, verbena, poppies, zinnia, begonias, mums, snapdragons, and celosia.

White flowers - geranium, alyssum, Shasta daisy, salvia, mums snapdragons, verbena, and zinnias.

Blue flowers - ageratum, bluebells, blue hydrangeas, lobelia, verbena, and salvia.

These are some ideas for creating patriot flower pots.



More Ideas to Decorate Your Outdoor Space for July 4th

Look no further than Four Seasons Sunrooms to help decorate your outdoor space for your July 4th holiday celebrations. We know that each client's needs are different, so we always provide personalized assistance. We have been designing patios, decks, and sunrooms for nearly half a century. Best of all, you can have and do it all at a price that is way less than you could have imagined and with a warranty that cannot be matched. For more information about our window installation options, contact us at 888-270-3546 or chat with us anytime on our 24/7 live help desk. 



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