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Sunroom Vs. Screened Porch: Which One’s Better For Your Home?


Have you been thinking of adding something new to your home? A sunroom or screened porch can provide extra space to relax, entertain, or pursue hobbies without being exposed to the elements. But how do you choose between these two popular additions? Let’s explore their differences and see which one’s best for you!

Understanding Sunrooms and Screened Porches

A sunroom is an enclosed space typically constructed of glass windows and walls. It allows natural light in while protecting you from rain, snow, bugs, and other outdoor debris. This addition can also serve as a seamless extension to your home you can use year-round. On the other hand, a screened porch is like an open-air room with large screened openings instead of glass walls, allowing fresh air flow. Their covered roofs provide essential shade and protection from rain and debris.

Benefits Of Having A Sunroom

A sunroom can offer you plenty of benefits, including:

  • A Year-Round Space: Sunrooms, especially four-season ones, are better if you want more flexibility to enjoy the outdoors. Simply add a heating source or proper insulation, and you’re all set!
  • A Multipurpose Area: A sunroom is a natural extension of your home, giving you more space to do anything you’d like. From an exercise area to a playroom, you have endless possibilities of what you can do.
  • Increased Home Value: Sunrooms offer usable expanded living space that potential buyers look for, which helps boost your property’s value.
  • Less Maintenance: Most sunrooms don’t have any screens or roof vents to repair and replace, making it easier to keep clean throughout the year.

Benefits Of Having Screened Porch

While sunrooms are more versatile spaces overall, a screened porch has its own set of advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: Screened porches are simpler to construct than sunrooms, making them a more budget-friendly option.
  • Outdoor Kitchen-Ready: Open access to fresh air makes screened porches ideal for installing a grill, pizza oven, or other outdoor cooking options during the warmer months.
  • Flexible Space: From birthday parties to Sunday brunches, screened porches can give you flexibility for any outdoor event.

Which One Is The Right Choice For You?

No matter which addition you choose, each one gives you a pleasant spot to relax while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. However, some key differences set them apart. If you have a larger budget, live in a colder climate, and want to make the most use out of your spaces, a four-season sunroom can be a great choice. But if you live somewhere warmer and want to be closer to nature, a screened porch could be the perfect addition to your home.

Always think about when and how you’d like to use the space before deciding which project ultimately works best for your home.

Choose The Right Addition For Your Property

A sunroom or screened porch each offers unique advantages that can enhance your property.  Once you decide which is best for you, you can design a space you and your family will love. At Four Seasons, we offer premier sunrooms, patio covers, and many other products that can fit virtually any home. If you need help creating your ideal home addition, please contact us or use our 24/7 live chat desk anytime.


Homeowners should have everything they need before starting a new home renovation project. That’s why our specialists offer FREE in-home design consultations, where you get an upfront estimate with no hidden fees. Additionally, we offer a free catalog inspiring you to get started on your next project!

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