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Beat the Cold: Smart Ways To Heat Your Sunroom This Winter


As our days get colder, you might think your sunroom is off-limits if it isn’t insulated. But there are plenty of ways to keep your favorite sun-filled spaces toasty. So, how do you keep them warm and comfy even during the chilliest nights? Our post will walk you through smart and stylish ways to keep your sunroom inviting and cozy all winter long!

How To Keep Your Sunroom Warm In The Winter

Heating up a freezing sunroom doesn’t have to be stressful. With a few key additions, you can enjoy this space even during the biggest blizzards. Here’s how:

Invest In Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains aren’t your average drapes. They’re specifically designed to trap heat inside, making them a simple and cost-effective choice for sunrooms. They also come in different colors and patterns, so you can play around with your sunroom’s design while keeping the cold at bay. Pull them back when the sun’s out to let in some light, but don’t forget to close them up after sunset to preserve the heat!

Install New Windows

Is your sunroom still sporting single-pane windows? It might be time for an upgrade. A new set of high-quality windows can make a huge difference in retaining heat. They may be a pricier option on this list, but the energy savings and the added comfort are worth the investment. Plus, they do a fantastic job of reducing noise, a massive plus if you live in a bustling neighborhood.

Add A New Fireplace

Aside from heating, adding a fireplace can transform your space into the ultimate winter retreat for you and your loved ones. Whether you go for a traditional wood-burning one or a modern electric or gas option, it’ll quickly become the centerpiece of any sunroom. I mean, who doesn’t love the cozy ambiance a fireplace provides?

Portable Heaters

For a quick and easy fix, portable heaters are the perfect go-to. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs that can fit your preferences. You can also move them anywhere, making them a versatile addition to any sunroom. Remember to keep them away from curtains or furniture to avoid a fire if you choose to buy one!

Use Heated Rugs

Let's not forget about our feet when staying warm! Heated rugs give you the coziness of a soft carpet with the added bonus of built-in heating elements. It’s like having a heated floor but without the expensive installation costs. Plus, they let you add an extra layer of style to your space.

Stay Warm In Your Sunroom This Winter

No matter how cold it gets outside, you have plenty of ways to make your sunroom cozy throughout the winter months. No matter what you decide to add,  you can quickly heat your sunroom and enjoy the beauty of winter from the comfort of your space. Also, our team at Four Seasons offers modern sunrooms, windows, and other products to help you make the most out of your home. Please contact us or use our 24/7 live chat to learn more about our services today.


At Four Seasons, we believe homeowners should have what they need before starting a new home improvement project. That’s why we offer FREE in-home design consultations with an upfront estimate and no hidden fees. We also provide a free catalog if you need more inspiration to get started!

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