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What Are The Main Differences Between Sunrooms And Conservatories?

Have you wanted to add a unique space in your home that lets in lots of natural light and protects you from the elements? Sunrooms and conservatories are two of the most popular options homeowners have to choose from. But what are some of the main differences between them? Let’s go through each structure’s details so you can decide which one's right for you!

Defining Sunrooms And Conservatories

Before you choose between these two, let’s define each one. Sunrooms are primarily made of windows that allow plenty of natural light to come in on all sides. They’ll easily work as a modern extension to your home, and you can use them for greenhouses, family rooms, and more.

As for conservatories, they’re considered a more elegant structure. Initially created in 16th-century England, many wealthy families would design them to grow plants from around the world. They’re generally glass-walled and typically glass-roofed structures, bringing a classic look to your home.

How Are Sunrooms And Conservatories Different?

While both options have their pros, let’s see how these spaces differ from one another:

     Design and Structure: Sunrooms typically have a traditional roof and large windows, while most conservatories have a glass roof.

     Temperature: Given their  glass or polycarbonate roofs, some conservatories may experience temperature fluctuations because they’re designed to allow more heat and light through. On the other hand, sunrooms have more consistent temperatures year-round thanks to their conventional ceilings and better insulation.

     Purpose: Keep in mind that you can get creative with both types of rooms. However, sunrooms are generally designed with relaxation in mind, while conservatories are traditionally used for housing plants.

     Aesthetic: Lastly, sunrooms feel more like a natural extension of your home and will seamlessly blend in. However, conservatories have a distinct look that adds a more luxurious touch.


Which One Is Better For Your Home?

The final answer comes down to your goals for the new space. If you’re dreaming about a cozy area to soak in some sun, it doesn’t get better than sunrooms. This structure also easily blends into your home’s architecture, making it easier for you to get creative and use it how you see fit. However, if you’re looking for a more elegant space with extra heat or light, a classic conservatory should be your first choice.

Choose The Perfect Sunroom Or Conservatory

Whether your heart is set on a comfortable sunroom retreat or a classic conservatory with your favorite plants, either one will quickly become a cherished space your friends and family will love to spend time in. At Four Seasons, we offer various sunrooms and conservatories that virtually fit any home. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us or use our 24/7 live help desk anytime.


Homeowners should have everything they need before taking on a new home improvement project. That’s why our team at Four Seasons offers FREE in-home design consultations, where you get an honest estimate with no hidden fees. We also have a free catalog if you need some inspiration to help you get started!

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