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5 Outdoor Spring Decorating Tips You Should Try

Now that the warmer weather’s here, it's the perfect chance to welcome the new season with a new and improved outdoor space. From vibrant color schemes to rustic furniture, you have endless possibilities to make your backyard look stunning this year. Check out our list of the most popular spring decorating trends to spark your creativity and create a space you love!

1. Brighten Your Patio With Some Color

It’s time to swap the cool winter color schemes with a dash of spring-friendly pastels. Throwing in some vibrant-colored pillows, cushions, or area rugs can be a fun and easy way to give your patio the life it needs, especially for more neutral-colored furnishings. If you prefer more natural accessories, spring flowers like tulips or primrose can add a beautiful touch to your space. 

2. Create Your Own Al-Fresco Dining Spot

Nothing beats having a delicious Sunday brunch with loved ones while enjoying the soft spring breeze. But instead of using the same style for every season, consider adding some spring-friendly accessories to keep your dining area fresh. Something as simple as a bright tablecloth, new placemats, or a charming centerpiece can be more than enough to give it some new life.

3. Choose A New Color Scheme

Are you trying to decorate your yard without getting rid of your furniture? Changing the color scheme can be the perfect solution. If you’re having trouble choosing the right colors, just use the ones most prevalent in your outdoor area. This way, you can still play around with new designs without them looking out of place.

4. Zone Your Outdoor Area

Before you buy anything, envision what you want and create a designated space for it. Understanding where everything goes beforehand can help you better plan which type of furniture you should buy and put your outdoor area to good use.

5. Incorporate Some Shade

The weather will only get warmer from this point, so having a shaded area will keep your guests safe and comfortable. Adding a couple of outdoor parasols or portable canopies in each section of your backyard could do the trick. But if you want something more long-lasting, investing in an elegant patio cover or pergola will weatherproof your outdoor space for years.


Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space This Spring

Enjoy the outdoors this spring by transforming your backyard into the ideal space. If you still need help or looking for more inspiration, our experts at Four Seasons will help you design an outdoor area you’ll love to spend time in. Please reach out and contact us at 888-270-3546 or use our 24/7 live desk to chat with us and learn more about our services.


We believe homeowners should always have all the necessary resources to begin their new home improvement projects. This is why Four Seasons offers FREE in-home design consultations, where we give you a direct estimate with no hidden costs. We also have a free catalog if you need more inspiration to start your next project!




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