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Popular Outdoor Space Trends To Consider In 2023


This new year should be an opportunity to refresh your patio, deck, or sunroom. But we understand it can be challenging to think of new ideas to keep your space looking fresh. To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular outdoor trends this year. These tips should help you design an outdoor area you enjoy spending time in!

1. Bringing Out The Greenery

After years of being indoors due to the pandemic, most of us are dying to find reasons to be outside during the warmer months. There’s no better way to make that happen than by adding some plants to your outdoor space.


Many creative options are available, from potted plants to lush vertical gardens. Including even some of these natural elements will help transform any deck or patio into your very own natural sanctuary.

2. Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

The days of a patio only being used for family gatherings are mostly over. Many homeowners use their space as a versatile extension of their homes, no matter the time of year. When you remodel your space, include elements that help maximize its use.


For example, our high-quality patio enclosures are a great way to help you keep your space clean, comfortable, and usable all year round. These home upgrades are simple to build, and you can have your project ready in a few hours.

3. Splurging Out On Luxury Upgrades

If you have the budget, make this the year to splurge on some luxury accessories that will take your space to the next level.


Have you always wanted a customized outdoor kitchen with high-end appliances? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade your patio material to something more durable, like flagstone? There’s no limit to what homeowners can do to create an elegant space that their guests will enjoy.

4. Incorporating Eco-Friendliness

Sustainable home improvement will continue to be a hot topic for years. And thankfully, there are many ways to incorporate an eco-friendly touch into your outdoor space’s design.


Instead of using traditional grass, consider replacing it with gravel, recycled wood, or high-quality stone to reduce water usage and add a more rustic element. There are also many green outdoor furniture brands that sell stylish recycled furniture while helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

This Year’s Trends Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

Make 2023 the year to turn your outdoor space into something you’ve always wanted. Even a few small changes can bring your patio, deck, or sunroom the changes it needs to get a brand-new look. If you still need more inspiration, our experts at Four Seasons will help you create the perfect space. Contact us at 888-270-3546 or use our 24/7 live desk to chat with us if you want to know more about our services.


Homeowners should always have everything they need to start a new home improvement project. This is why Four Seasons offers FREE in-home design consultations where we give you an upfront estimate with no hidden fees. We also have a free catalog if you need more inspiration to get started.

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