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7 Ways to Get Your House Ready to Go Back to School

The summer days flew by and now it’s August. We hope you have had countless days filled with family and summer fun. However, we are sure you have noticed that the stores once stocked with bathing suits and sunscreen now contain piles of notebooks, markers, binders, and pencils. Now that the hot days are beginning to feel cooler and the back-to-school shopping has begun, it is time to prepare your home. We know this can be an overwhelming process, and we are here to help. Here are 7 simple ways to prepare your home for the new school year.  

Organize Bedrooms

Now is the perfect time to fix up some of the clutter in your child’s room by working with them to organize their closet space. Have your kid help you look through their summer clothes to decide what should be donated and packed away for the warm weather. They can also help fold their winter clothes to ensure they start the school year in an organized space.


Create Work Spaces

Your child may already have a spot in the house they feel most comfortable doing their work. If so, prepare this space for the new school year by adding pencils, pens, highlights, and sticky notes to allow your kid to jump right into their new classes. If your child does not yet have a preferred homework space, letting them try out a few locations can help them decide which area allows them to be most productive. Additionally, positioning your kid’s homework space near a central spot in the house, such as your Four Seasons Sunroom will enable them to ask for help, learn, and grow by consulting with you or their siblings. 


Clear the Mudroom/Entryway

We are familiar with the after-school chaos. Your kid gets home, drops all of their stuff, begins to eat a snack, does homework, and needs to be chauffeured to a bunch of activities. Organizing your mudroom or entryway by adding a shoe rack, jacket hooks, and baskets or bins for school and activity supplies can help make the afternoons less stressful. Your future self will thank you. 


Arrange School Supplies

Keeping track of scissors, pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, and even that classroom pet your child may bring home one day is like juggling a hundred things at once. Experiment with a few options and see what works best for you and your family. 


Establish a Communications Center

With work, your kid’s schedule, and everything else in between, there is much to keep track of each week. Setting up a calendar or message center for your family in a central location in the house can remind everyone about what each day entails. It can include chores, schedules, assignments, reading lists, and more. My family’s message board is in our kitchen, but do whatever works for you! The living room, den, dining room, or even your Four Seasons Addition 365 are all great places to implement a communications center. 


Set Up a Snack/Food Station

Nothing tastes quite as good as an afternoon snack. The first bite after a long day of school is always the best. If your child is old enough, place snacks in an organized drawer for them to reach, along with bowls or other utensils they may need. If they are old enough to make breakfast and lunch, have these items in a reachable location. Assist your child with anything they may need, and remember, if they make a mess, you can clean it right up!


Get into Routine

Once the school year starts, establish a schedule that works well for your entire house. From sleep to meals, people may need different, individualized things. Creating a comfortable space for everyone will help make the transition back to school even smoother!


We hope these 7 back-to-school tips will help you and your family readjust to the new school year. Thank you for your continued faith in us to provide our suggestions for your home. For any information, questions, or if you want to speak with one of our team members on how you can expand your living space with Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows, visit our website or contact us at (888)270-3546. Let’s continue to build the best together.


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