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Holiday cheer and giving back to our community with a Veterans Appreciation Breakfast in the Showroom of Four Seasons Corporate Office

This holiday season, we honored our Veterans with an Appreciation Holiday Breakfast. It was our pleasure partnering with the Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk in hosting such a beautiful morning for our Veterans to enjoy. In attendance, there was a variety of Veteran members including Post 6249. Post 400, Holbrook AMVETS, Vietnam Veterans of America, Navy, Army and Air force.

Together with the EOC, we sent out e-mail invitations, posted on social media pages and sent messages to Long Island Veteran groups inviting them to our appreciation breakfast. This was our way of giving back to our community and saying “thank you” to Veterans who sacrificed their lives for us. The great thing about this breakfast is that we were able to collect toys for Veteran children in need, which are all being donated just in time for Christmas. Toys were donated by employees of Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows. 

“I gladly took the opportunity to serve our Veterans breakfast in the beautiful Four Seasons showroom. It was filled with holiday spirit and it was rewarding to see Veterans enjoy a meal and celebrate together,” said StaceyAnn Castro Tapler, Employment Specialist at EOC of Suffolk Marine Corps Veteran. StaceyAnn also serves on several women Veteran Boards. “Sometimes, just being together is the best way for our Vets to heal and feel appreciated. I am so grateful for all the people that made this breakfast possible,” says StaceyAnn.

"EOC is grateful to have partnered with Four Seasons because it’s a company that truly works to enrich their community. Four Seasons has always been willing to offer their support to local organizations such as EOC, and it never goes unnoticed. EOC really looks forward to working with Four Seasons in order to create more events like this in the future,” says Jessica Martin, SSVF Health Care Navigator of EOC.

Veteran support organizations such as the Association for Mental Health and Wellness was also in attendance. Previously, Four Seasons has partnered with this group and is ready to do it again in 2022. “The Association for Mental Health and Wellness is very proud to partner once again with Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows during July 2022 for our annual Kick Stands Up event. Funds raised from this event, featuring classic and custom cars, motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts, will support The Suffolk County United Veterans Dwyer Project, which helps our veterans with post service transition issues integrate successfully back into their communities, and nine housing sites that offer dignified, permanent homes with support services, all of which are provided by veteran peers,” explains Ruth McDade, Director of Development at The Association for Mental Health and Wellness. “Freedom is not free,” adds Ruth.

Captain Robert Cornicelli, Congress Candidate addressed the attendees about the importance of continued support to the Veterans.  

“I would like to thank Four Seasons for always thinking of the Veterans. We appreciate their work for Veterans in need and we are already looking forward to the next Four Seasons Veterans event,” says Commander, Joe Cognitore. Senior Vice Commander, John Rago said, “Everyone in attendance had a great time. We appreciate the support that the Veterans receive from Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows.”

Santa…We know him!!  James Paviglianti and Joseph Paviglianti, Army Veteran are real-life Santa twins and both attended the breakfast. James greeted guests as they arrived and made sure each guest had their picture taken with Santa. The Santa Twins have previously been featured on the Tonight Show with David Letterman, in-store at FAO Schwarz, appearance at Radio City Music Hall, Festival of Trees and Newsday just to name a few.

Our relationship with the Veterans started in 2015 when we gifted a stair lift to a Veteran in need, Barton Burlison. Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows presented Mr. Burlison with a stair lift in the H. Lee Denninson Building in Hauppauge, which is one of Suffolk County’s two agency buildings. County Executive, Steve Bellone and Legislator, Steve Stern were in attendance during this presentation. You may be asking yourself, why a stair lift and not a sunroom? Well, Ageless Home Living is a part of the Four Seasons Family of Companies. What better way to honor a Veteran need than to give him/her one of our own products. Chief Marketing Officer, Richard Harris and Group Marketing Manager, Cammie Manganello collaborated with Thomas Ronayne, Director of Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency to find a candidate, which led us to Barton. The links below will provide you with more information on this wonderful gift to a Veteran:

Shortly after the stairlift donation, Four Seasons collaborated with a local builder and donated 22 windows for a home that was being built for a returning Veteran family in need. Here’s more on the beautiful home for the Veteran family:

Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows will continue to host events like this and honor our Veterans!

If you would like to attend our next event, please click here to provide us your information and we will be sure to inform you.

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